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Vacuum Pump Double Effect PRO R32 With Battery, housed in high-strength aluminium and PVC. Ergonomic handle with protection for better grip and greater comfort. It also incorporates a sight glass with an oil level indicator and a robust base for good stability.

Suitable for gases: R32, R410A, R134A, R407C, R404A, R22T, etc. 18V – 5.0Ah lithium battery. Charge duration: approximately 50 minutes. Frequency 50/60 Hz. Flow rate: 56 L/min.

One of the lightest pumps on the market, weighing only 3.6 Kg. Final vacuum: 25 micron – Oil load: 200 ml – 1/4 SAE threaded connection. Dimensions: 277x92x196mm.

Essential for refrigeration installations, it creates a vacuum within the air conditioning circuit, extracting the air and moisture from inside. It is also supplied with an aluminium transport case (case + charger + battery + pump + oil). Case dimensions: 220 mm high x 220 mm wide x 300 mm long.






56 l/min

Unit Pack.


Technical sheet

Highlights of the Vacuum Pump Double Effect PRO R32 with Battery

Compatibility with all gases, including R32

Indeed, this pump is compatible with a wide range of gases, including R32, R410A, R134A, R407C, R404A, R22T, among others. This makes it a versatile tool for any refrigeration project. In particular, its compatibility with R32, a refrigerant gas commonly used in the HVAC industry, makes it an essential tool for professionals in this area.

Suction power of 56L/min

With a suction power of 56L/min, this vacuum pump offers exceptional efficiency. This high suction capacity allows for quick and effective vacuum work, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Total weight of only 3.6 kg

Despite its power and efficiency, this vacuum pump weighs only 3.6 kg. This makes it especially easy to transport and handle, facilitating its use in various situations and locations.

Supplied with a case

This vacuum pump is supplied with a case, facilitating its storage and transport. This accessory is especially useful for professionals who need to take the pump to different workplaces.

18V 5Ah battery

Finally, the vacuum pump is equipped with an 18V 5Ah battery. This high-capacity battery allows for prolonged operation, thus minimizing the need for frequent recharges. Moreover, its 18V voltage ensures powerful and consistent performance.