What is an Copper tap connector?

It is a female sleeve that can be made of copper, brass or steel. One end is connected to the pipe and the other end consists of a nut, usually made of brass, which rotates freely and is responsible for connecting, by means of thread, to a valve, filter, regulator or any equipment of the installation. It facilitates the disassembly of the valve or connected equipment if its replacement is necessary due to failure or other causes.

How are Copper tap connectors classified?

The fittings can be classified according to their material: copper, brass, steel, etc…
They can also be classified according to their application: for plumbing, compressed air, gas oil, gasoline, etc… they are usually used without a seal, while for applications in gas installations or networks, they must be used with a sealable nut. Furthermore, they can be classified according to the type of seal housing: with collar or with flat seat.

How to install a copper tap connector?

It is necessary to choose the optimum fitting size, according to the pipe size of the installation and its flow rate. Use the types of welding materials indicated by the standards required for each application.

Once the installation has been completed, it is mandatory to carry out the tightness tests required by the local regulations in force. These tests must always be carried out prior to commissioning the equipment or network. All installations must be carried out in accordance with existing codes of practice, local laws and approved national regulations.