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The ratchet pipe cutter is undoubtedly an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are looking to cut pipes efficiently and precisely in tight and hard-to-reach areas. With its features and benefits, such as its ratchet mechanism, ergonomic handle, and versatile cutting capacity, the ratchet pipe cutter is an investment worth considering. Don’t wait any longer and get yours to make your plumbing, gas fitting, industrial maintenance, automotive work, and HVAC system installations easier!




1/8 a 7/8 (6 a 23 mm)

Unit. Pack.


Technical sheet

Main features of the Ratchet Pipe Cutter

Types of materials

The ratchet pipe cutter is a versatile tool that can be used on pipes made of different materials, such as copper, brass, and aluminum. It is ideal for plumbing, gas fitting, industrial and automotive maintenance, as well as air conditioning system installations.

Adjustable metal-resistant head

This type of pipe cutter has an adjustable metal-resistant head, allowing you to adjust the tool to cut pipes of different diameters. This makes it easy to use for various types of jobs and projects.

Hardened and tempered steel cutting blade

The cutting blade of the ratchet pipe cutter is made of hardened and tempered steel, ensuring its durability and resistance to wear. This also allows for precise and clean cuts on pipes without damaging their internal structure.

Ergonomic handle

One of the advantages of this tool is its ergonomic handle, made of nylon and fiberglass. This handle provides greater comfort and safety during use, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries to the hands and wrists.

Spare cutting blade in the handle

In addition, this pipe cutter includes a spare cutting blade in the handle, making it easy to replace in case of wear. This way, you’ll always have an extra blade on hand to continue working without interruptions.

Cutting capacity

The ratchet pipe cutter has a cutting capacity ranging from 1/8″ to 7/8″ (6 to 23 mm), making it a very versatile tool for cutting pipes of different diameters and materials.