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Features of the Polybender Internal Copper Tube Bender:

Manufactured in PE, a flexible and highly durable material. It is presented in rolls of 4 meters each, with size identification by color code:


Packaged in a plastic bag with an easy ZIP-type closure. Includes reusable nylon fastening ties. Allows bending without the need to remove the insulator from the copper refrigeration tube. It prevents the tube from being crushed during the installation and bending process, thereby preserving its integrity.

Guarantees optimal equipment performance by ensuring uniform bending of the tube. Facilitates the bending of the copper tube for air conditioning installations, especially at the beginning and end of the installation.




1/4 – 3/8 – 1/2 – 5/8


4 meters

Unit Pack.


Gral. Pack.


Technical sheet

Tube Bending Process with the Polybender Internal Copper Tube Bender

  • Measure and mark the tube according to the required dimensions and angles for the installation.
  • Next, insert the tube into the bender according to its diameter.
  • Then, apply the necessary force to bend the tube.
  • Check the bending angle with the angle gauge and adjust if necessary.
  • Repeat the process in the same way for all the required bends in the tube.

How to Choose the Right Tube Bender for Your Project

Tube Size

Check both the diameter and length of the tubes that will be used in your project. Also, make sure the bender is compatible with the size of the tubes.

Type of Material

Ensure the bender is suitable for the type of material of the tubes, such as copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain proper functioning and extend the life of your tube bending kit, it’s equally important to perform regular maintenance and follow some basic care guidelines:

  • Inspect the tools before each use for signs of wear or damage.
  • Replace worn or damaged parts as necessary.

Safety Tips When Using the Tube Bending Kit

Finally, to ensure safe operation of the refrigeration tube bending kit, follow these safety guidelines:

  • Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions before using the bender.
  • Use personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses.
  • Ensure the work area is clean and free of obstacles.
  • Check that the tools are in good condition before each use.