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Characteristics of the Vacuum Pump Double Effect PRO R32

The Vacuum Pump Double Effect PRO R32 features a casing made of high-strength aluminum and PVC. It has an ergonomic handle with protection for better grip and greater comfort. There is a viewer with an oil level indicator. Its robust base provides good stability. It’s suitable for gases: R-32, R410A, R134A, R407C, R404A, R22T, among others.

It has a power supply of 100V-240V. The length of the universal power supply cable is 1.5 meters.

vacuum pump double effect pro r32 with cable

Among its features is a vacuum gauge Ø 63 mm., with a 1/8 NPT thread of -30″Hg/0 -1000mbar/0, specifically designed for the control of the evacuation process. In addition, it incorporates a solenoid valve. It operates at a frequency of 50/60 Hz and has a flow rate of 56 L/min.

This is one of the lightest pumps on the market, with a weight of only 3.5 Kg. Final vacuum: 25 microns – Oil load: 200 ml – Threaded connection 1/4 SAE. Dimensions: 253x92x196mm.

It is indispensable for refrigeration installations, as its function is to create a vacuum within the air conditioning circuit. In this way, it extracts the air and humidity from the interior, ensuring the correct operation of the equipment.






56 l/min

Unit Pack.


Technical sheet

Advantages of the PRO R32 Double-Action Vacuum Pump with Cable

Compatible with all gases, including R32

One of the main advantages of the PRO R32 vacuum pump is its compatibility with all gases, including R32. This means you can use this pump with a wide variety of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, making it very versatile and functional.

Suction power of 56L/min

The PRO R32 vacuum pump has a suction power of 56 liters per minute, making it a highly efficient tool for performing vacuum jobs in a short period of time. This translates into an increase in productivity and a reduction in waiting times, thus allowing more tasks to be carried out in less time.

Total weight of only 3.5 Kg

With a weight of only 3.5 kg, the PRO R32 vacuum pump is a particularly easy tool to transport and handle. Its lightweight design allows for easy relocation and use in different work environments, specifically facilitating the work of the technicians and professionals who use it.

Incorporation of vacuum gauge and solenoid valve

Vacuum gauge: importance and operation

The pump incorporates a vacuum gauge, which is a measurement instrument used to determine the vacuum level in a system. This device is essential for controlling and adjusting the pressure in the process of evacuating gases and vapors, thus ensuring efficient work.

Solenoid valve: function and advantages

In addition to the vacuum gauge, the PRO R32 vacuum pump also features a solenoid valve, which is a device used to control the flow of gases and vapors in a system. This tool allows automatic adjustment of the gas flow based on the needs of the process, ultimately guaranteeing precise control and higher efficiency.