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Technical Features of the Vacuum Gauge Digital With Accessories

Vacuum gauge digital with accessories, designed for vacuum generation in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems. Measuring range: 0-19000 microns. Operating temperature: 0 °F ~ 140 °F (-17.8 °C ~ 60 °C). Resolution: 0-400: 1 micron, 400-3000: 10 microns, 3000-10000: 100 microns, 10000-19000: 250 microns. Accuracy: ± 10%. Units of measure: kPa, Torr, psi, mbar, mTorr, Pa, microns. Offline records: 9943 readings.

Wireless transmission distance: 30m. Usage time: 180h. Maximum overpressure: 27.5 bar. Connection: 1/4 male thread. Product size: 127x74x37mm. Power supply: 3 AA batteries. Comes in a protective case. Also includes connection accessories: 1 three-way T M – H – M connection 1/4 SAE thread + 1 H- H 45º 1/4 adapter with depressor. Weight without packaging: 270 gr., with packaging and accessories: 580 gr. IP65 protection rating. Configurable high/low pressure alarms. In addition, it has an APP for viewing data on mobile, recording data, generating reports, charts, etc. (in English).

vacuum gauge digital with accessories
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0…19.000 microns


1/4 SAE


+/- 10%

Unit Pack.


Technical sheet

Advantages of the Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge

The Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge with Accessories is an innovative tool primarily designed for vacuum generation in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems. The device is equipped to work over a wide range of operating temperatures, from 0 °F to 140 °F (-17.8 °C ~ 60 °C), thus adapting to various environmental conditions.

Furthermore, this vacuum gauge exhibits a measuring range that spans from 0 to 19000 microns. In this regard, it is capable of providing accurate data with a variation of only ± 10%. To be more specific, the resolution varies according to the micron range, starting with a resolution of 1 micron from 0-400, 10 microns from 400-3000, 100 microns from 3000-10000, and finally, 250 microns from 10000-19000.

On the other hand, the product offers a wide range of units of measure such as kPa, Torr, psi, mbar, mTorr, Pa, and micron, thereby ensuring versatility and complete adaptability to your needs. It is worth mentioning that offline records can reach up to 9943 readings, thereby enabling comprehensive and detailed tracking. Alongside these features, it is noteworthy the impressive wireless transmission range of up to 30 meters. Additionally, this vacuum gauge has an extensive usage duration of 180 hours and withstands a maximum overpressure of 27.5 bar. As an additional fact, its power source is based on 3 AA batteries.

Compact Design and Included Accessories

Regarding its design, this vacuum gauge has dimensions of 127x74x37mm and connects through a 1/4 male thread. It is important to note that its weight without packaging is 270 gr., and with packaging and accessories, it amounts to 580 gr. Also, the product is presented in a protective case and is accompanied by connection accessories, including a three-way T M – H – M connection 1/4 SAE thread and a H- H 45º 1/4 adapter with depressor.

Safety and functionality are essential, which is why this vacuum gauge offers configurable high/low pressure alarms and an IP65 protection rating. Furthermore, it includes an app for mobile devices, which allows you to view the data, record it, generate reports, and graphs, among others (available only in English).