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High-pressure charging hose specifically designed for nitrogen pressure reducers. The available connections are of the straight 1/4 SAE and 45º 1/4 SAE type. The length of this hose is 2.5 meters. It can withstand a maximum pressure of 52 bars. This product is particularly recommended for nitrogen regulators.

high pressure charging hose




2,5 meters


straight 1/4 SAE x 45º 1/4 SAE

Unit Pack.


Technical sheet

For Effective Nitrogen Regulation, Use a High-Pressure Charging Hose

Achieving Maximum Quality in Nitrogen Regulation

The high-pressure charging hose, being an essential component, plays a vital role in the nitrogen regulation process. This hose, specifically designed for nitrogen pressure reducers, ensures a safe and efficient operation due to its unique properties.

Creating Optimal Connections for Superior Functionality

In particular, this high-pressure hose features straight 1/4 SAE and 45º 1/4 SAE connections. These meticulously designed connections promote perfect integration with nitrogen systems. As a result, they ensure superior performance and maximum efficiency in gas regulation.

Charging Hose with Ideal Length

On the other hand, the high-pressure charging hose has a length of 2.5 meters, providing great flexibility and adaptability to various applications. This length, indeed, allows for easy handling and mobility, thus facilitating operations and minimizing risks associated with nitrogen handling.

Providing Maximum Pressure for Unparalleled Safety

Moreover, this hose can withstand a maximum pressure of 52 bars, making it a safe and reliable option for nitrogen regulation. Its ability to withstand high pressure ensures safe operation, minimizing the chances of accidents and improving the efficiency of the nitrogen regulation system.

Guaranteeing Compatibility with Nitrogen Regulators

Furthermore, this charging hose is especially recommended for nitrogen regulators. Its compatibility and adaptability to these systems ensure optimal performance and efficient nitrogen regulation.

In summary, for efficient and safe nitrogen regulation, the high-pressure charging hose is an indispensable tool. Due to its design, functionality, and unique properties, it becomes an ideal choice for professionals and technicians seeking maximum quality and performance.