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The Battery charger for vacuum pump double effect R32 is an exceptionally robust product, manufactured with high-strength ABS. This device operates with a voltage of 230 V/AC, and offers an output voltage of 21V and an output current of 3A. Its cable, 1.5 meters long, is sufficiently extensive to ensure great versatility of use. Moreover, it features a light indicator that provides clear instructions on the battery’s charging state, thus allowing for constant and precise control of the device’s performance. This charger represents a reliable and efficient solution to power your R32 double effect vacuum pump.

battery charger for vacuum pump double effect r32



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R32 Double Effect Vacuum Pump Battery Charger: An Essential Choice

When seeking efficiency and performance, it is important to mention that the R32 double effect vacuum pump battery charger stands out as an unsurpassed option. This charger, manufactured from high-strength ABS, has been specifically designed to withstand the demands of intensive use, thus ensuring exceptional performance and a long lifespan.

Key Features of the Charger

In terms of operation, the battery charger operates with an input voltage of 230V/AC, and in turn, provides an output voltage of 21V. On the other hand, the output current of 3A ensures efficient and rapid performance, undoubtedly minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Additionally, it has a cable length of 1.5 meters, thus facilitating greater mobility during the charging process.

Innovative Light Indicator

As an additional advantage, this charger features an intelligent light indicator. This practical device provides clear instructions on the charging status, offering constant monitoring and avoiding potential unpleasant surprises. As a result, ease of use is enhanced, keeping the user informed about the progress of the charge at all times.