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In the world of air conditioning and refrigeration specifically, professionals need accurate and reliable tools to perform proper diagnosis and maintenance of systems. Consequently, the 2-way manifold box kit is one of those essential pieces of equipment to ensure quality work. Below, we present its features and benefits to you.

two way manifold box with glycerine and flexible charging hose

Description Refrigeration kit

Kit 2 – For gases: R-410 – R 32

Box composition

Configurable refrigeration box
Manifolds 2 ways DN80 5/16
Flexible hose charge R32 5/16 1500 mm
Reduction of gas bottle F21.7(g) x 5/16 SAE
Charging valve without loss M-5/16 – F-5/16

Unit Pack.




Components of the 2-Way Manifold Box Kit

The case

This 2-way analyzer kit comes in a high-strength PVC case designed to withstand impacts. This ensures that the tools and accessories inside are protected and secure during transport and storage.

2-way analyzer

The DN 80 mm dry thread 1/4 2-way analyzer is undoubtedly one of the main elements of this kit. Additionally, it comes with protective rubber covers to prevent potential damage to the equipment.

Hose set

The kit also includes a set of 5/16 threaded charging hoses with a length of 1500 mm. These hoses are essential for connecting the analyzer to refrigeration systems and, thus, performing an accurate diagnosis.

Gas bottle coupling

The gas cylinder coupling H 21.7 (left) x 5/16 SAE M allows therefore to connect the gas cylinder to the analyzer and to perform the charging process efficiently and safely.

Lossless charging valve

This kit also features a lossless charging valve: M 5/16 x H 5/16. This valve is crucial for preventing refrigerant loss during the charging process, ensuring greater efficiency and environmental care.

Analyzer Kit Utilities

The 2-way analyzer kit case is especially suitable for transporting and preserving the components that make up the visual diagnosis KIT. Thanks to its design and accessories, professionals can carry out a complete review of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


It is important to properly maintain the tools and accessories of the 2-way analyzer kit case to ensure their optimal operation and to extend, in particular, their useful life. This includes cleaning the hoses and valves, as well as verifying the correct operation of the analyzer.

Precautions for the manifold box kit

When using the 2-way analyzer kit case, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and applicable safety regulations. Use personal protective equipment and avoid direct contact with refrigerant gases.